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Visit Finland in Autumn 2019 (Part 2)

3. Lapland – The land of the white nights

Why is it called the land of white nights? It’s very simple because this place during the summer months, the sun never sets in about 60 days and nights. Therefore, when traveling to Finland in autumn 2019, you will have memorable experiences and unforgettable moments when watching the sun in the middle of the night.

At the same time, Lapland is also an amazing place for many interesting activities, especially in the winter. For sports such as skiing, terrain motorbike racing, or enjoying the feeling of crossing snow fields, the river has been frozen on cars pulled by the mighty Siberian Husky puppies.

4. The ancient capital of Turku

Turku is known as an ancient Finnish city. It brings a romantic beauty as well as remote Europe. Going along the banks of the Au River, you’ll stop by the Sibelius Museum. This is the only museum devoted to music in Finland.

Those who love nature and want to admire the beauty of the sea, the best choice is Ruissalo. You will experience exciting activities such as relaxation, swimming, picking mushrooms … If you travel to Finland in the autumn of 2019, you cannot miss the attractive place, the ancient capital of Turku.

5. Porvoo Old Town

This is an attractive and interesting place to visit, which is Porvoo old town. Porvoo is named after the Porvoonjoki River that flows through the city. In the winter the river is frozen and the snow is so thick that you can go from bank to shore easily. In early spring, the glacier begins to melt, creating a very unique sight.

There are bungalows typical of urban chalet architecture, with bright reds lining the Porvoonjoki River. Visitors come to Finland in the Fall 2019 will have relaxing moments, to walk along the streets, and zoom in to admire the very simple and familiar scenes. Such as a vase hanging from a window, or stopping at Porvoo church to see the whole city.