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Visit Finland in Autumn 2019 (Part 1)

Finland is a country with a long cold period, so that the autumn and summer are the most popular time for residents and visitors of the year. Traveling to Finland in Autumn 2019, you will enjoy the warm and fresh atmosphere, as well as the natural scenery. In today’s article, we would like to introduce to you some places to visit when traveling in this country.

1. The capital of Helsinki

Referring to the beautiful, attractive capital of Helsinki, with lots of green trees, along with unique architecture, makes anyone attracted. This place has become a famous tourist destination of Europe. Traveling in Finland in Autumn 2019, visitors will be surprised at the magical change of the city. No longer the gloomy and quiet of the cold winter, but instead, the bright yellow spread across the streets. From there brings a peaceful space and sexier than ever.

Finnish territory is mostly covered with forests, so when the autumn comes, this place will be like a huge, warm and brilliant golden silk strip. The journey that you should not miss when coming to Helsinki is Esplanadin Avenue, Puisto this place is considered as the miniature Parisian Champs Elysees. When Summer comes, the most attractive and ideal place of tourists is Suomenlinna island. You will discover and walk among ferns with cool green, and experience the ferry ride through the small streets between the islands.

Those who love to explore the museum, art and culture should not miss the Finnish National Theater, Aternum Art Museum, National Finnish Museum. This place displays many famous collections in the world.

2. Aland Islands

Located on the border of Finland and Sweden, the Aland Islands are a combination of two different cultures, creating interesting for visitors. Especially those who love the quiet and peaceful, you should choose this place to stop. Above are some Finland 2019 travel destinations, we wish you the most interesting and impressive experiences.