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Travel to Europe: Things need to be prepared (Part 2)

3. Prepare documents

it will take at least four to six weeks to receive a passport from the time of application. an expeditor such as Travel Visa Pro or expedited services  through the State Department will cost you an additional fee and trim the process down to a week, so it’s best to take care of it well before your trip.

You shoud check for expiration date if you already have a passport. The last thing you need is while you’re in line at airport check-in, you find out your passport has expired. Remember that your passport to be valid for six months beyond your trip dates in some countries.

In addition to passports U.S. travelers to Russia or Turkey must have valid visas; start early because obtaining one which can take weeks is a complicated process that even after you have been approved.

You’ll also need to check the expiration date of your license because drivers need to have valid licenses in their home country required by all car rental companies. in addition to a valid driving license for European rentals some car rental companies also require an international driving permit. in Canada these can be obtained through the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA). For U.S. citizens, try the American Auto Association (AAA).

4. Choose a rough itinerary

If you want to go to Switzerland, you should sketch out a day-by-day itinerary of your perfect trip to Swit before you book a thing.Don’t go ahead and buy a roundtrip flight to Geneve and book a hotel room right immediately. Research cities and sites you really want to explore, and then decide which ones you have enough budget and time to reach. Book a group tour with a company such as Trafalgar,Intrepid Travel, Rick Steves’ Europe or G Adventures if you’d rather not do the work of your own itinerary creation.

Check out various ways to travel in Europe. If you are on a tight budget but still want to see multiple countries or cities, you should consider a cruise (U.S. citizens naught exchange rates onboard American ships).