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Travel and sport in Sweden

Sweden has good reputation for seasonal and appealing sports and advanture combining all over the world. The later spring and summer arriving in the north and Swedish Lapland in comparison with central and southern Sweden make the activities more distinct and attractive.

Summer choices

Some suggestions for Swedish adventurous sports are canoeing, kayaking in Stockholm, riding bicycles from the Kattegattleden along West Sweden or hiking in Swedish Lapland. Everyone can join the outdoor activities in the country.

You could find nowhere in Europe as natural and remote for canoeing and kayaking as Swedish Lapland is. The midnight sunlight every day in summertime at the Arctic Circle gives you double time to enjoy this marvelous place.

You will find in Swedish Lapland a true wild experience with rivers cutting through ravines, across giant Arctic plains and marshes. The Kalix and the Torne rivers are the well-known name rivers here, even hundreds more for you to choose from.

Bike rentals are available mostly everywhere in Sweden. Both private bike rental companies and City Bike schemes could be found in big cities. Out in the countryside, a lot of bike rental companies provide the services, many of which will deliver bikes to your location and pick up the bike when you’re done. Many also offer service packages, which come in handy if you are in situations such as getting a flat tyre or in trouble.

Winter advantures

In Sweden you can enjoy skiing, ice-skating, dog-sledding, snowmobiling and other winter sports in wintertime.

Åre is Northern Europe´s biggest and brashest sports resort in central Sweden, offering virtually every skiing style and a huge range of other winter sports. It is generally known for the best downhill ski runs in Sweden or the Åre-Björnen part of the resort is excellent for newbies.

Åre offers awe-inspiring black pistes, highly challenging off-piste slopes and Skistar Snow Park Åre. It also has an abundance of easy skiing for children and beginners. You could find world-class slopes for snowboarding, telemark and carving in Åre and nearby Duved (10 km). Heli-skiing is also available.

In addition to skiing there´s a lot of of other activities, such as snowmobile safaris, dogsledding, ice fall climbing and much, much more.

Sweden is famous for its nightlife so you won´t find many places in Europe that party as regular as Åre during the season. Bars and live music venues, Tott Hotel, Fjällgården and Åregården are busy from 3 p.m. on and there is a mini-city-sized offering of luxury restaurants and eateries.

Snowmobile safari can be tailored and can include wilderness meals in Sami teepees, saunas, hot tubs, mountain lodges, campfires, ice fishing, even rally car, quad and cross bike on ice.

Some tours are designed for beginners but you should be in good physical condition and have have tried with snowmobile at least once before in order to enjoy the entire tour.