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Austria – Hallstatt tourism not only has beautiful scenery but also countless miracles

Referring to Hallstatt, people often talk about the fairy beauty of the ancient village around the Austrian lake. However, Hallstatt is not only beautiful, but also attracts many interesting things.

Hallstatt has a treasure trove of admirable historical value. The salt mine in Hallstatt is the oldest in the world and has a history of 7 thousand years. Unesco has recognized Hallstatt as a legacy.

There are many places to explore in Hallstatt’s surroundings. Obertraun with the top of Mount Krippenstein and Five fingers sky walk, is the highest peak next to the lake, only about 10km from Hallstatt.

Going through Obertraun village, you will reach the cable car station to the top of the mountain for 32 €. You will get a panoramic view of mountains and lakes around Hallstatt.

Gosau village is about 10km from Hallstatt. If you go from Salzburg to here by highway, you will pass through the top of this village. Going deeper into the village, you will cross 2 lakes. And with the cable car go up to the winter ski resort in the mountains and walk a bit, you will reach the sky ladder of Austria.

About 15 km from Hallstatt is Bad Aussee. It has a hot spring bath. If you have the opportunity to travel to Austria, try once to attend the annual narcissus festival at the end of May, or early June. In the village, there is a volant-shaped bridge built in Mercedes cars that is the focus of Austria.

From Bad Aussee go about 5km then to Altaussee. This is the lake located at the foot of Mount Loser, famous for being the cleanest and cleanest lake in Austria.

This place is part of the scene of the 007 Spectrum spy movie. You can drive to the top of Mount Loser, 2,000 meters high, with snow all year round. There is a fee on this street, and there is a vending machine on the barie. In particular, at the beginning of this road is the Altaussee salt mine.

This is a salt mine dating back to the 12th century, with a length of 70km, the largest salt mine in Austria and still active. This salt mine is also famous for keeping art works from World War II. If you have the opportunity to travel to Asia, you visit this salt mine, more interesting than the salt mine in Hallstatt.