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Discover the beauty of Interlaken Switzerland – town among lakes

Interlaken Swiss town is one of the attractive and interesting destinations of this European country. Just one visit, anyone will immediately fall in love with the poetic but attractive beauty of that picturesque landscape.

You can completely come to Interlaken by road or water to enjoy the full natural beauty from all angles without limitation. Interlaken Switzerland owns a location, a very convenient location for traveling to and from or within the space of the city.

This unique Swiss tourist destination also owns many luxury hotels, upscale restaurants and lots of apartments. Summer is the time to travel to Switzerland in general and Interlaken in particular. Because this season, there are plenty of free activities to stay here for tourists.

In addition, autumn is also a good time to visit Interlaken because although the cost is not cheap now. It is when the scenery here is the most beautiful of the year.

You can also go to the mountain and enjoy the cool air, just don’t sit still in the room. For these reasons, walking is the most ideal way to get around this beautiful Swiss tourist destination.

Tourists often choose to come here by train, going from Bern station to Interlaken Ost station. Not only because this is the most convenient way to move. But also because you will be truly fascinated when admiring the view of a giant lake running along the train track.

It can be said that more than 5,000 people of the town of Interlaken are poetic and happy. Jungfraubahn is the name used to refer to a railway only 19.3km long, but it is the highest railway in Europe. This route goes up as far as Jungfraujoch – a station located in the highest position in the world.

Jungfrau is also the third highest peak in the Bern Alps, second only to the Finsteraarhorn and Aletschhorn, in the Bernese Oberland region. Therefore, Jungfrau is also considered the roof of Europe. This is the perfect destination for those who love adventure travel or love active games.