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Experience to Travel Europe in Summer

Travelling Europe in summer is always a great time for tourist. At this time, the weather in Europe is also quite pleasant. Here are some European travel experiences in the summer that tourists should know.

1. Time to travel

Summer begins from June to August, temperatures range from 14C to 30C, this is the ideal time to explore most places in Europe. The summer sunshine in Europe is not as intense as the tropical countries, so with such beautiful weather it is a favorable condition for outdoor activities such as swimming, surfing, sailing, climbing, hiking,…

2. Clothes to wear

You need to prepare to maintain good health for the trip. Experience of choosing clothes for a summer trip to Europe is a comfortable, sweat-absorbing T-shirt is one of the ideal choices, besides you also need to bring the light jacket with coton or nylon material to avoid wind and sunlight. You should choose the comfortable clothes with the simplest colors. Please choose a pair of sandals or sports shoes with light materials which make you convenient to move.

With high temperatures in summer, an experience for you is to remember to bring sunglasses, apply sunscreen before going out to limit exposure to ultraviolet rays, protect your eyes and skin in European summer days. Backpacks, small bags are also the most convenient tools for picnics and daily tours when traveling to Europe.

3. European travel destinations

Rome, Florence, Paris, London and Madrid are popular destinations in Europe that are popular with tourists all over the world. Most outdoor festivals, fairs and cultural events in Europe are held at this time.

Besides, the famous beaches of France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Italy and Turkey attract tourists all over the world. If you are looking for a beach trip with golden sands, or you want to cycle around the streets, watch the clear blue lakes and amazing natural landscapes, a trip to Europe during summer is the best thing.

Above are some basic experiences for European tourists in the summer. In addition, you should also give yourself a specific and reasonable schedule, and book services early because the sooner you book the service, the better the price and service.