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Travel to Europe: Things need to be prepared (Part 3)

5. Prepare local transportation

Ride the Metropolitana when in Rome. Find out the way local people get around the destination to which you’re traveling, and follow accordingly. In places which bike-friendly with its convenient underground Tube such as Amsterdam or London you won’t need a car rental, if you don’t plan to go outside the city.

If you’re traveling to locales which can’t be easily reached by plane or rail, a car rental is your best bet (such as the Irish countryside). Be mentally prepared for driving in a foreign country, which can bring a frightening experience when faced with narrow streets, incomprehensible traffic signs, or sheep roadblocks.

Examine your rail options to get from country to country or city to city, in comparison to European discount airlines’ routes and prices offerings like easyJet or Ryanair. Purchasing a rail pass from Rail Europe which permits unlimited train travel within a specified region may save money for travelers embarking on extensive travel within Europe.

6. Have accommodations

It’s time to fill in some places to sleep after you go back to that rough itinerary which you jotted down. As the earlier you make arrangements, the better is the case with pretty much everything you book for your trip especially during summer high season.

Sure, you can be done with just booking a room at the local Hilton. By doing a bit of research you could discover some funky lodging which is almost as exciting as the attractions you plan to visit. Keep your eyes open for eco-friendly hotels, historic castles, houseboats, tiny bed and breakfasts, or organic farms. Take note budget travelers for some accommodation options such as homestays, house-swapping, farmstays and vacation rentals which even free.or can be shockingly affordable.

You should shop around on multiple hotel sites as with airfare, and to see what the experience is like through reading reviews from past guests to make sure you’re getting the best deal. a few good places to start such as Booking.com, TripAdvisor (SmarterTravel’s parent company), Hotels.com and so on.