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Cappadocia Underground City – Impressive Turkish tourist destination

The magical beauty from the voluminous stone pillars in Cappodocia will be a great frame for those who love photography. The most unique here are the underground cities, exquisitely built churches in caves.

In the bright sunshine of dawn, the Cappadocia rocky plateau seems to be adorned with dozens of colorful balloons. Each large hot air balloon can carry more than 20 people, the popular hot air balloons can only carry about 3-5 people.

This is indeed an extremely worthwhile experience when traveling to Turkey that you should not miss. Add an extremely expensive experience, at a cost of $ 50 for person. You have 3 hours of camel riding through rocky valleys and sightseeing and taking pictures.

Jeep driving on rocky roads and bumpy valleys when coming to Cappadocia is also a memorable experience. For those who love thrills and want to test their driving skills, being able to participate in this type of car, I think it will be extremely cool and cool. You can also sit in the car to visit the beautiful scenery here.

This shop is designed as a studio for taking photos, so try to take advantage of every corner. Surely by the time you come here, you will have a ton of virtual live photos up with tired hands.

Pigeons are sacred to Muslims in Turkey. And here you will find trees hung by people full of blue demon eyes on the branches. They believe that by doing so, luck will come to everyone.

There are many pigeons here and the locals have made houses dug into the cliffs for pigeons to shelter and breed. Local people exploit bird droppings to grow grapes, and the production of vine is very famous.

The above are extremely impressive experiences when coming to Cappadocia. Hope everyone can consult when deciding for their travel.