Travel around the world (Part 2)

2. If you have never traveled then this is your chance

Not everyone is lucky enough to grow up in a family that has conditions to travel regularly. Many people in their twenties, thirties and even more have never had the opportunity to leave their homeland. This sometimes makes some people afraid to go away from where they live. However, you should take this “disadvantage” to create opportunities and motivate yourself and start your journey.

If you dream of seeing the outside world and traveling for a long time, start now because this is your chance.

3. You can freely follow what you really like

When you work 50-60 hours a week and are always busy with family problems, pursuing your passions seems impossible. There are very few people who are fortunate enough to balance their work and passion. That’s why if you’re not among those lucky people, making a journey around the world is your chance to pursue your favorite things.

Have you always dreamed of teaching yoga? Want to learn how to dive? Do you like taking photos but don’t have time to do it? You want to play guitar in beautiful lands? You want to volunteer in distant lands? … Everyone has a dream and a journey around the world is the time for you to fulfill your dream because this is the time for you to be free about time and not confined to the frameworks of society.

4. You will learn more from experiencing different cultures

Although schools and companies play an important role in our lives, it is not necessarily the most important. Educating yourself and expanding your vision to the outside world will bring more positive effects than just sticking to your office or class. You can experience different cultures, different environments and have time to look back and educate yourself better from the journey to the outside world. You can imagine yourself that talking to people and their daily life experience will make it easier for them to absorb their culture than sitting at home and reading a book about residential life of that place. Exposure to many different cultures will make your knowledge more extensive.

Travel around the world (Part 1)

Have you ever heard of RTW (Round The World)? If you are a travel lover, an adventurer or you are simply wondering what you like in this life, then maybe it’s time to start learning about RTW and start up. Plan your journey around the world.

Some people think it is crazy, that it will never be possible, that I myself will not be able to do it … Leave your reason behind and ready to hit the road to start your life-changing adventure right now.

So why should you start the trip as soon as possible? A tour around the world will bring you many things you don’t expect

1. You will get older

I was 18, or 22 or any age, this is the reason many people make and think that they are not young enough to begin a journey around the world. Don’t set yourself an age limit to suspend both your desires and your passions. There are countless people in the world who start long journeys even when they are in their 30s, 40s or even 60s, not only that, the age of tourists also has no rules. Even 18, 19 or 15 years old is not a problem if you really want to travel.

Whether you are 17 years old and sitting in a lecture hall or you have retired and are sipping a couple of morning tea, one thing is still irreplaceable, you will get older very soon. So the problem is time limit, no need to care about age. Only sometimes the older you get, the less you want to adventure than when you are in the spring age. So take advantage of the time as soon as possible, start your journey as soon as you are able to enjoy the most complete travel experience.

5 reasons to travel with your darling before getting married (Part 2)

Discover new things that you never knew before

No matter how long you have been with that person, there will still be new aspects of your partner you’ve never known. Imagine when you come to a new land, it will be very bad to find each person a different personality.

No matter how long you are together, you cannot know everything about that person

For example, you just want to curl up lazily in the blanket to enjoy the holiday, and your half must definitely go to the street, discover all the local culture or vice versa. If that happens, then the two of you share your views together, make compromises, and make the trip complete and not a bad sign for your future relationship.

So this is an opportunity to discover each other‘s new things. And if there is a difference, it is possible to share and compromise together so that the trip as well as the future will always be good.

Together accumulate life experiences

One of the next reasons that you should travel before marriage is to accumulate more life experiences. With the experience of many new things in different lands, you will learn quite a lot of experiences with him such as experience cycling, climbing, experience talking with locals, experience facing hard…

Working together with challenges, difficulties will help each other out of their own boundaries.

Warm up feelings together

Surely you have to admit the fact that the love period is so funny, but then that emotion will gradually “erode” with time, right? Especially when you two have been in love for a long time, you will inevitably stereotypical dating sessions at the same place, the same journey …

Admit that love at first will never remain intact over time

But only you and your darling can hold hands to go to any new place, walk on the beach, or cross a vast desert or wander around the mountains, watching the picturesque countryside. If you think about it, then it is certain that romance and love will immediately return to your relationship.

There is no better way to warm up feelings than to travel

In short, there may be many other reasons, but I think it will be enough to make you excited about 5 small reasons above. So what are you waiting for, bring your suitcase and go now!

5 reasons to travel with your darling before getting married (Part 1)

It is no coincidence that people advise couples to travel together before getting married.

Getting to a strange land, facing the most crazy things that can happen, will help both of you reveal your true self, your personality and your true feelings. From there remind you of the person next to you, about love that needs to be cherished, cared for and renewed every day.

Apart from those things, what is the reason couples should travel together before going to marriage?

Store moments together

This is one of the reasons that you should travel with your lover, especially before you get married. There is nothing to keep happy memories with photos, so don’t be afraid to take pictures together.

Not only that, but this is only a small act, but it can be very emotional. Take lots of photos, then create an album of only two people.

There is no need to post it on social networking sites, you just need to keep it somewhere you know. And then later, at times of bickering or anger, we can look back to remember we have such a happy time.

An opportunity to understand each other better

Traveling is an opportunity for both of you to understand each other better, helping to determine your understanding of each other

Traveling together is one of the most effective ways to help determine your mutual understanding. In other words, pre-wedding travel is like a simple test of the ability to face possible problems in life that you can see right away. This will be an ideal time for you to confide, share with each other everything and create cohesion.

Pre-wedding travel is like a simple test of the ability to face possible problems in life.

Essential items you need to bring during your travel (Part 2)

3. Electronic items

Mobile phone

– Camera, battery, charger, memory card

– Ipod / Discman / MP3 player, battery

– Battery charger for mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, laptops

– Suitable electrical outlet or multi-national outlet (when traveling abroad)

– Small, convenient and compact hair dryer

Note: You should fold it in a waterproof bag.

4. Medications

– Digestive and diarrhea drugs

– Cold medicine, sore throat, fever reduction

Sunscreen, anti-chapping, anti-allergy

– Insect repellent cream

– Wind oil                                         

– Vitamin C, B1

– Ambulance bandages, gel

– Drugs to prevent motion sickness / aircraft / ships

– Special medicines depending on the needs of each person

– Medicine for children

Note: You should leave the place easily in your luggage

5. Costumes:

Depending on the number of days and places you come to bring the suit

– Hats with rims and foldable in bags

– Sunglasses

– Face masking

– Comfortable, light material and convenient t-shirt

– Long pants, shorts, skirts

– Nightwear (pajamas)

– Sport shoes and 1 pair of sandals

– Underwear

– Socks, gloves, scarves, sweatshirts, sweaters (if coming to areas with cold weather)

Note: Clothes should be placed in a plastic bag before putting in a suitcase, avoiding the smell of the train

6. Personal hygiene items:

– Brush, toothpaste, comb, face towel

– Shampoo, shower gel, cleanser

– Cream and shaving products for men

– Mouthwash solution

– Cosmetics: should be worn with small, compact jars

– Hair gel

– Makeup remover solution

Note: Bring with small vials, put in the outer compartment of the backpack or suitcase

7. Other items:

– Shoulder bags carry essential and important items

– Backpacks and suitcases

– Magazines and entertainment books

– Paper notes, writing

– Maps, guidebooks of visiting points

– Pocket needle, button …

– Plastic bags containing dirty goods, vomit bags

– Cards, dominoes, chess

– Noise-proof ear plugs (when sleeping) / against water (when swimming)

– Eye mask when sleeping

– Sleeping pillow (on car, airplane)

– Small knife to peel fruit

– Lighters for you

– A thin blanket

– Rainwear, umbrella or rain piece

– Snacks: a little fruit cake, drinking water, chocolate, gum

Note: Sharp objects when you bring them with you, keep them in your checked baggage.

Essential items you need to bring during your travel (Part 1)

Your family is about to enjoy a vacation. You are struggling because you don’t know how to arrange your belongings? Please refer to the list below. You will have amazing time with your family without worry

1. Schedule, check locations, play points and weather conditions

– This is the first thing you have to think about when preparing for a trip. Knowing where to go in the locality will help you not be too surprised when you arrive.

– Choosing the time of year to go is also important. Often trips will be in the summer or on holidays or New Year. To make sure, you should book a hotel room in advance, contact transportation, buy a train ticket or a plane ticket for both directions to and from.

Understanding the weather in this place will help you have a plan to bring the item you need to bring.

2. Identification

– Enough money.

– If you go abroad, you should change the currency of that country at home so you can use it immediately

Passport and ID card

– Copy of marriage certificate (to check-in hotel when traveling with family)

– Copy of birth certificate of children (to check-in domestic aircraft without passport, ID card)

РEmergency phone number Рaddress of your country’s Embassy (when traveling abroad by yourself)

– 2 personal photos (size of passport), copy of personal information in passport (used when losing passport)

– Copy of list of belongings to carry (to check when carrying, or to declare when losing luggage)

– Driver’s license, insurance (if you drive yourself to travel)

– A small notebook that records addresses and phone numbers can be contacted

Note: These papers should be stored neatly in a person-worn bag to facilitate reporting and care when in crowded places. 

What should be prepared when traveling in the summer (Part 1)

During the tour, you need to prepare what you need most in a hot summer day to protect your health and skin. We would like to share some tips to help you have a pleasant trip and still be happy on the summer.

  1. Sunscreen

The weather on summer days is often hot and sunny. Everyone like to watch the blue sky with white clouds floating because it creates a beautiful picture. However, the skin will be destroyed quickly and when looking up to watch the sky, you always have to winkle your eyes.

Sunscreen is an indispensable treasure in your bag, it makes you more confident and keep your skin protected from the bright sun rays.

In fact, men tend to pay little attention to skin care. But that is not right because it will seriously damage the face and skin. Therefore, men should also focus on taking some time to apply sunscreen before going out, swimming, and walking.

2. Sun hat

The summer sunshine is no longer the biggest worry when a miraculous protector has helped you partially cover the harsh sun, so you don’t get sunstroke.

With a simple, sophisticated, stylish summer hat is not only a sunshade but also a decoration for women to pose for pictures. Young, fresh photo shoot helps private women show off their beautiful designs.

3. Fashion glasses

The eyes are the windows of the soul so it is necessary to protect the eyes from the hot sun. The glasses have 2 uses while protecting the eyes and fashion accessories to help the images get higher quality.

Strong men and women have many types of glasses to choose from depending on their preferences, colors, and sizes and money affordable for them.

4. Fashion jacket

It is no longer a problem when it is sunny, we prepare carefully sunscreen jacket. Nowadays, there are many types of jackets for us to choose. Usually for visiting the beach, people often choose thin fringed chiffon or kimono. Although this type of jacket does not completely cover the harsh sun, it partly helps us reduce heat. Especially these types of jackets will also be accessories tools to help the images get more freshness.

Experience to Travel Europe in Summer

Travelling Europe in summer is always a great time for tourist. At this time, the weather in Europe is also quite pleasant. Here are some European travel experiences in the summer that tourists should know.

1. Time to travel

Summer begins from June to August, temperatures range from 14C to 30C, this is the ideal time to explore most places in Europe. The summer sunshine in Europe is not as intense as the tropical countries, so with such beautiful weather it is a favorable condition for outdoor activities such as swimming, surfing, sailing, climbing, hiking,…

2. Clothes to wear

You need to prepare to maintain good health for the trip. Experience of choosing clothes for a summer trip to Europe is a comfortable, sweat-absorbing T-shirt is one of the ideal choices, besides you also need to bring the light jacket with coton or nylon material to avoid wind and sunlight. You should choose the comfortable clothes with the simplest colors. Please choose a pair of sandals or sports shoes with light materials which make you convenient to move.

With high temperatures in summer, an experience for you is to remember to bring sunglasses, apply sunscreen before going out to limit exposure to ultraviolet rays, protect your eyes and skin in European summer days. Backpacks, small bags are also the most convenient tools for picnics and daily tours when traveling to Europe.

3. European travel destinations

Rome, Florence, Paris, London and Madrid are popular destinations in Europe that are popular with tourists all over the world. Most outdoor festivals, fairs and cultural events in Europe are held at this time.

Besides, the famous beaches of France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Italy and Turkey attract tourists all over the world. If you are looking for a beach trip with golden sands, or you want to cycle around the streets, watch the clear blue lakes and amazing natural landscapes, a trip to Europe during summer is the best thing.

Above are some basic experiences for European tourists in the summer. In addition, you should also give yourself a specific and reasonable schedule, and book services early because the sooner you book the service, the better the price and service.

The great benefits of travelling (Part 2)

5. Enjoy many special dishes

In a flat world today, cuisine is still a particular cultural feature of each locality. There are dishes that must be eaten at the right place of origin, made by the indigenous people with new characteristic materials. Spend an evening walking around the street and enjoying specialties anywhere you go. That memory will be very unforgettable.

6. Refresh yourself

Set foot in strange lands bring you fresh feelings. No longer the stifling 4 walls and computer screens, you look to the vast sea with blue ocean lines, immerse yourself in the sunny and windy plateau and vast grass trees. All tire, pressure from life and office quickly blown away, bring a new soul, ready to flush out creative ideas and breakthroughs. So, even if the summer vacation consumes many days, you will definitely work many times more effectively when you return.

7. Positive personality

Going a lot, seeing a lot and experiencing a lot will help you grow up and have more insight about life. Those are girls who will become more personal but also become more generous. More cute personality, more open size. And the boys will become more confident because there are new experiences not everyone has.

Traveling by tour, everything is handled by the travel company. You can do nothing but spend money, carry suitcases up and away. Conversely, traveling on your own will prepare you from the smallest things such as buying tickets, booking, finding places, renting a car …

In addition, in your journey, you may encounter unforeseen incidents, such as: miss a train, cannot rent a hotel, get lost, break a car in the middle of the road, and go out to see heavy rain, forget things … However, it is these incidents that will help you learn how to solve problems flexibly. Through so many times, you will have the ability to face every situation in life and work, stronger and more independent.

8. Less materialistic

During your trip, you will realize that life is not entirely dependent on material. You will find that most things that sellers offer are of no use to a happy life. When you return home, you will find your physical needs have minimized simply because you have realized what you need and no need in life.

9. Get more exercise

Tourism can include extra activities. Maybe your plan will include making friends on the water, visiting or playing basketball. If you do not want to rest during your vacation, you will be able to walk more when you are at home, and generally more active than when you do your normal daily routine.

10. Love family more

During each trip, you will miss your loved one. Only when away, do you understand how important they are. And that, daily witnessing their appearance makes you forget their place in your heart.

The great benefits of traveling (Part 1)

Tourism is a valuable time for family, friends and individuals. Through travel, you can discover interesting things of life.

1. Expanding knowledge and soul

The intelligent people have one thing in common is that they “move”, both physically and mentally. Buddha, Jesus, Che Guevara, Ho Chi Minh … they used to leave their safe areas, to a new land. There they learn general classes: history, geography, architecture, language, etc… All of them bring real experiences that a book can not teach.

Not sure you will be economically rich, but surely the knowledge bank will fill up every day. As Augustine once said: “The world is a book, those do not travel read only one page.”

Whenever we come to a new land, we will be exposed to the unique people and lifestyle there, and these will make us open our hearts to receive the quintessence from different cultures.

2. Good communication, more open and friendly

If you want to learn about the history and culture of that land, it is best to talk to the natives when you visit their homeland. After each conversation, your communication ability will be better. Communicating with strangers also makes you more open and friendly to those around you. In addition, going is one of the fastest ways to learn a foreign language.

3. Relax your mind after stressful working days

After long days at the office or school will make your body become tired. An excursion will help you change the atmosphere, make your soul feel good.

Moreover, you can combine with fun activities such as climbing, swimming or playing a beach soccer game with the locals. Trying new things will help you get rid of “stressful” thoughts in your daily life and improve your fitness effectively. It is excellent when intellectual intelligence comes with supple body.

4. Make more friends

Along the way you will have the opportunity to get to know new friends. They may be people traveling with you, or also native speakers. And especially these friends have similar interests like you.

to be continued.