The great benefits of travelling (Part 2)

5. Enjoy many special dishes

In a flat world today, cuisine is still a particular cultural feature of each locality. There are dishes that must be eaten at the right place of origin, made by the indigenous people with new characteristic materials. Spend an evening walking around the street and enjoying specialties anywhere you go. That memory will be very unforgettable.

6. Refresh yourself

Set foot in strange lands bring you fresh feelings. No longer the stifling 4 walls and computer screens, you look to the vast sea with blue ocean lines, immerse yourself in the sunny and windy plateau and vast grass trees. All tire, pressure from life and office quickly blown away, bring a new soul, ready to flush out creative ideas and breakthroughs. So, even if the summer vacation consumes many days, you will definitely work many times more effectively when you return.

7. Positive personality

Going a lot, seeing a lot and experiencing a lot will help you grow up and have more insight about life. Those are girls who will become more personal but also become more generous. More cute personality, more open size. And the boys will become more confident because there are new experiences not everyone has.

Traveling by tour, everything is handled by the travel company. You can do nothing but spend money, carry suitcases up and away. Conversely, traveling on your own will prepare you from the smallest things such as buying tickets, booking, finding places, renting a car …

In addition, in your journey, you may encounter unforeseen incidents, such as: miss a train, cannot rent a hotel, get lost, break a car in the middle of the road, and go out to see heavy rain, forget things … However, it is these incidents that will help you learn how to solve problems flexibly. Through so many times, you will have the ability to face every situation in life and work, stronger and more independent.

8. Less materialistic

During your trip, you will realize that life is not entirely dependent on material. You will find that most things that sellers offer are of no use to a happy life. When you return home, you will find your physical needs have minimized simply because you have realized what you need and no need in life.

9. Get more exercise

Tourism can include extra activities. Maybe your plan will include making friends on the water, visiting or playing basketball. If you do not want to rest during your vacation, you will be able to walk more when you are at home, and generally more active than when you do your normal daily routine.

10. Love family more

During each trip, you will miss your loved one. Only when away, do you understand how important they are. And that, daily witnessing their appearance makes you forget their place in your heart.

The great benefits of traveling (Part 1)

Tourism is a valuable time for family, friends and individuals. Through travel, you can discover interesting things of life.

1. Expanding knowledge and soul

The intelligent people have one thing in common is that they “move”, both physically and mentally. Buddha, Jesus, Che Guevara, Ho Chi Minh … they used to leave their safe areas, to a new land. There they learn general classes: history, geography, architecture, language, etc… All of them bring real experiences that a book can not teach.

Not sure you will be economically rich, but surely the knowledge bank will fill up every day. As Augustine once said: “The world is a book, those do not travel read only one page.”

Whenever we come to a new land, we will be exposed to the unique people and lifestyle there, and these will make us open our hearts to receive the quintessence from different cultures.

2. Good communication, more open and friendly

If you want to learn about the history and culture of that land, it is best to talk to the natives when you visit their homeland. After each conversation, your communication ability will be better. Communicating with strangers also makes you more open and friendly to those around you. In addition, going is one of the fastest ways to learn a foreign language.

3. Relax your mind after stressful working days

After long days at the office or school will make your body become tired. An excursion will help you change the atmosphere, make your soul feel good.

Moreover, you can combine with fun activities such as climbing, swimming or playing a beach soccer game with the locals. Trying new things will help you get rid of “stressful” thoughts in your daily life and improve your fitness effectively. It is excellent when intellectual intelligence comes with supple body.

4. Make more friends

Along the way you will have the opportunity to get to know new friends. They may be people traveling with you, or also native speakers. And especially these friends have similar interests like you.

to be continued.