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New Zealand island nation – Tourist interesting paradise

New Zealand is not only favored by nature with natural wild beauty. It also owns unique architecture with unique culture and is one of the most attractive tourist destinations nowadays. Traveling to New Zealand, you will discover many interesting things about this beautiful country.

New Zealand bears the imprint of Maori culture. According to world history, this country was one of the last continents that humans came to settle. Around the 13th century, the Polynesians crossed the sea to this land and created the typical Maori culture of the Aboriginal Australians.


The Maori aboriginals play an important role in the formation and development of New Zealand culture. Therefore, Maori culture is one of the conservation priorities of this government, which is particularly attractive to tourists around the world.

To make your New Zealand tour even more interesting, visitors can visit Wellington which is Oceania’s most populous capital and located in the South of North Island and the capital closest to Antarctica.

Here, you can visit Te Papa National Museum to learn more about the cultural history of this country. Did you know, with a population density of more than 4 million people. But it was voted as the city with the best quality of life in the world.

Coming to New Zealand, visitors can also admire the charming colorful New Zealand scenery. Typically, the MacKinnon Pass has an altitude of 1,069m at Mailford Track. Visitors will have to cross slopes with nine zigzag curves and from the top of the pass you can collect panoramic pictures of the Clinton valley.

It is covered with deep red vegetation that creates a stunning landscape picture and a fascinating view of Milford Sound Bay in the distance. Would you like to see up close the rare animals that are also a wonderful sight in New Zealand?


Kaikoura is a town located between the Suaward Kaikoura Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. This land is surrounded by snow-capped peaks when winter comes and is quite famous.

Besides the natural wonders and landscapes, do not forget to visit the unique architectures only in the island nation of New Zealand. Auckland Ferry Terminal, white houses on the slopes or beautiful villages used to be the scene in movies like the Hobbit village in Matamata.