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Essential items you need to bring during your travel (Part 2)

3. Electronic items

Mobile phone

– Camera, battery, charger, memory card

– Ipod / Discman / MP3 player, battery

– Battery charger for mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, laptops

– Suitable electrical outlet or multi-national outlet (when traveling abroad)

– Small, convenient and compact hair dryer

Note: You should fold it in a waterproof bag.

4. Medications

– Digestive and diarrhea drugs

– Cold medicine, sore throat, fever reduction

Sunscreen, anti-chapping, anti-allergy

– Insect repellent cream

– Wind oil                                         

– Vitamin C, B1

– Ambulance bandages, gel

– Drugs to prevent motion sickness / aircraft / ships

– Special medicines depending on the needs of each person

– Medicine for children

Note: You should leave the place easily in your luggage

5. Costumes:

Depending on the number of days and places you come to bring the suit

– Hats with rims and foldable in bags

– Sunglasses

– Face masking

– Comfortable, light material and convenient t-shirt

– Long pants, shorts, skirts

– Nightwear (pajamas)

– Sport shoes and 1 pair of sandals

– Underwear

– Socks, gloves, scarves, sweatshirts, sweaters (if coming to areas with cold weather)

Note: Clothes should be placed in a plastic bag before putting in a suitcase, avoiding the smell of the train

6. Personal hygiene items:

– Brush, toothpaste, comb, face towel

– Shampoo, shower gel, cleanser

– Cream and shaving products for men

– Mouthwash solution

– Cosmetics: should be worn with small, compact jars

– Hair gel

– Makeup remover solution

Note: Bring with small vials, put in the outer compartment of the backpack or suitcase

7. Other items:

– Shoulder bags carry essential and important items

– Backpacks and suitcases

– Magazines and entertainment books

– Paper notes, writing

– Maps, guidebooks of visiting points

– Pocket needle, button …

– Plastic bags containing dirty goods, vomit bags

– Cards, dominoes, chess

– Noise-proof ear plugs (when sleeping) / against water (when swimming)

– Eye mask when sleeping

– Sleeping pillow (on car, airplane)

– Small knife to peel fruit

– Lighters for you

– A thin blanket

– Rainwear, umbrella or rain piece

– Snacks: a little fruit cake, drinking water, chocolate, gum

Note: Sharp objects when you bring them with you, keep them in your checked baggage.