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Essential items you need to bring during your travel (Part 1)

Your family is about to enjoy a vacation. You are struggling because you don’t know how to arrange your belongings? Please refer to the list below. You will have amazing time with your family without worry

1. Schedule, check locations, play points and weather conditions

– This is the first thing you have to think about when preparing for a trip. Knowing where to go in the locality will help you not be too surprised when you arrive.

– Choosing the time of year to go is also important. Often trips will be in the summer or on holidays or New Year. To make sure, you should book a hotel room in advance, contact transportation, buy a train ticket or a plane ticket for both directions to and from.

Understanding the weather in this place will help you have a plan to bring the item you need to bring.

2. Identification

– Enough money.

– If you go abroad, you should change the currency of that country at home so you can use it immediately

Passport and ID card

– Copy of marriage certificate (to check-in hotel when traveling with family)

– Copy of birth certificate of children (to check-in domestic aircraft without passport, ID card)

РEmergency phone number Рaddress of your country’s Embassy (when traveling abroad by yourself)

– 2 personal photos (size of passport), copy of personal information in passport (used when losing passport)

– Copy of list of belongings to carry (to check when carrying, or to declare when losing luggage)

– Driver’s license, insurance (if you drive yourself to travel)

– A small notebook that records addresses and phone numbers can be contacted

Note: These papers should be stored neatly in a person-worn bag to facilitate reporting and care when in crowded places.