Discover the beauty of Interlaken Switzerland – town among lakes

Interlaken Swiss town is one of the attractive and interesting destinations of this European country. Just one visit, anyone will immediately fall in love with the poetic but attractive beauty of that picturesque landscape.

You can completely come to Interlaken by road or water to enjoy the full natural beauty from all angles without limitation. Interlaken Switzerland owns a location, a very convenient location for traveling to and from or within the space of the city.

This unique Swiss tourist destination also owns many luxury hotels, upscale restaurants and lots of apartments. Summer is the time to travel to Switzerland in general and Interlaken in particular. Because this season, there are plenty of free activities to stay here for tourists.

In addition, autumn is also a good time to visit Interlaken because although the cost is not cheap now. It is when the scenery here is the most beautiful of the year.

You can also go to the mountain and enjoy the cool air, just don’t sit still in the room. For these reasons, walking is the most ideal way to get around this beautiful Swiss tourist destination.

Tourists often choose to come here by train, going from Bern station to Interlaken Ost station. Not only because this is the most convenient way to move. But also because you will be truly fascinated when admiring the view of a giant lake running along the train track.

It can be said that more than 5,000 people of the town of Interlaken are poetic and happy. Jungfraubahn is the name used to refer to a railway only 19.3km long, but it is the highest railway in Europe. This route goes up as far as Jungfraujoch – a station located in the highest position in the world.

Jungfrau is also the third highest peak in the Bern Alps, second only to the Finsteraarhorn and Aletschhorn, in the Bernese Oberland region. Therefore, Jungfrau is also considered the roof of Europe. This is the perfect destination for those who love adventure travel or love active games.

Austria – Hallstatt tourism not only has beautiful scenery but also countless miracles

Referring to Hallstatt, people often talk about the fairy beauty of the ancient village around the Austrian lake. However, Hallstatt is not only beautiful, but also attracts many interesting things.

Hallstatt has a treasure trove of admirable historical value. The salt mine in Hallstatt is the oldest in the world and has a history of 7 thousand years. Unesco has recognized Hallstatt as a legacy.

There are many places to explore in Hallstatt’s surroundings. Obertraun with the top of Mount Krippenstein and Five fingers sky walk, is the highest peak next to the lake, only about 10km from Hallstatt.

Going through Obertraun village, you will reach the cable car station to the top of the mountain for 32 €. You will get a panoramic view of mountains and lakes around Hallstatt.

Gosau village is about 10km from Hallstatt. If you go from Salzburg to here by highway, you will pass through the top of this village. Going deeper into the village, you will cross 2 lakes. And with the cable car go up to the winter ski resort in the mountains and walk a bit, you will reach the sky ladder of Austria.

About 15 km from Hallstatt is Bad Aussee. It has a hot spring bath. If you have the opportunity to travel to Austria, try once to attend the annual narcissus festival at the end of May, or early June. In the village, there is a volant-shaped bridge built in Mercedes cars that is the focus of Austria.

From Bad Aussee go about 5km then to Altaussee. This is the lake located at the foot of Mount Loser, famous for being the cleanest and cleanest lake in Austria.

This place is part of the scene of the 007 Spectrum spy movie. You can drive to the top of Mount Loser, 2,000 meters high, with snow all year round. There is a fee on this street, and there is a vending machine on the barie. In particular, at the beginning of this road is the Altaussee salt mine.

This is a salt mine dating back to the 12th century, with a length of 70km, the largest salt mine in Austria and still active. This salt mine is also famous for keeping art works from World War II. If you have the opportunity to travel to Asia, you visit this salt mine, more interesting than the salt mine in Hallstatt.

Cappadocia Underground City – Impressive Turkish tourist destination

The magical beauty from the voluminous stone pillars in Cappodocia will be a great frame for those who love photography. The most unique here are the underground cities, exquisitely built churches in caves.

In the bright sunshine of dawn, the Cappadocia rocky plateau seems to be adorned with dozens of colorful balloons. Each large hot air balloon can carry more than 20 people, the popular hot air balloons can only carry about 3-5 people.

This is indeed an extremely worthwhile experience when traveling to Turkey that you should not miss. Add an extremely expensive experience, at a cost of $ 50 for person. You have 3 hours of camel riding through rocky valleys and sightseeing and taking pictures.

Jeep driving on rocky roads and bumpy valleys when coming to Cappadocia is also a memorable experience. For those who love thrills and want to test their driving skills, being able to participate in this type of car, I think it will be extremely cool and cool. You can also sit in the car to visit the beautiful scenery here.

This shop is designed as a studio for taking photos, so try to take advantage of every corner. Surely by the time you come here, you will have a ton of virtual live photos up with tired hands.

Pigeons are sacred to Muslims in Turkey. And here you will find trees hung by people full of blue demon eyes on the branches. They believe that by doing so, luck will come to everyone.

There are many pigeons here and the locals have made houses dug into the cliffs for pigeons to shelter and breed. Local people exploit bird droppings to grow grapes, and the production of vine is very famous.

The above are extremely impressive experiences when coming to Cappadocia. Hope everyone can consult when deciding for their travel.

Discover Utrecht – the oldest city in the Netherlands

Utrecht is known as the oldest city in the Netherlands. Utrecht has medieval architectural beauty, blending with gothic architecture that creates a unique beauty for this city.

From the streets, the famous medieval landmarks in and around Utrecht will be alluring destinations. If you travel to Utrecht once, you will find it difficult to leave.

Along with ancient features from ancient architectures, along with a culture that will last through time. The people of Utrecht are also friendlier than ever. They always warmly welcome guests to this city. You must definitely search this beautiful city right away.

In the first, Utrecht is a densely populated city in the province of Utrecht. It is located on the eastern edge of Randstad and also the fourth largest city by area in the Netherlands.

It was honored by CNN as the most environmentally friendly city in the world from human to landscape. In particular, the city is home to many ancient works with cultural and historical values ​​of the Netherlands. The city of Utrecht has been built and expanded from a towering cathedral that can be seen anywhere in the city.

If you want to go to the city center, you just need to look up and follow the direction of the church. This cathedral and bell tower was completed in the 14th century and is a symbol of the city of Utrecht, which once had more than 40 churches.

Most of the remaining churches have now been remodeled. The bell tower of this cathedral is called Domtoren, 112m high, with 465 steps. Right at the foot of the tower is still the place studied by archaeologists.

The city of Utrecht still retains the medieval system of canals. Especially the canal system that surrounds the city in a charming way has made this city scene more romantic and poetic than ever.

Barcelona tourists – one of the most beautiful cities in the world

Barcelona has long been in the top of the most beautiful cities in the world. That is why each year this city welcomes a huge number of tourists. Most people when coming to Spain choose a stop that is the city of Barcelona. This is not only a city famous for FC Barcelona but also a city rich in cultural traditions and unique architecture.

Barcelona is a city with quite pleasant weather and climate conditions. You can travel to Barcelona at any time of the year you like. However, according to Barcelona travel experience, you should come here between August and early September every year.

Barcelona is one of the most developed cities in Spain so the transportation system here is also very developed. According to Barcelona tourism experience, you should travel by subway to save costs.

One of the most famous destinations in Barcelona that any visitor can not miss is the La Sagrada Familia church. This is an old church that is over 100 years old and was designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi. Not only is this Barcelona’s largest church, but it is also very famous in the world.

There is a place that you cannot ignore when traveling to Barcelona that is the Picasso Barcelona art museum. There are currently many sculptures made by the world famous sculptor Picasso.

The collection on display at this museum is considered to be the most unique in the world. Not only that, the museum is also built in a beautiful Gothic architectural style that will spoil your eyes.

Traveling to Barcelona without visiting La Rambla road is a very unfortunate thing. You can visit this street during the day or at night.

This is a beautiful street in Spain. It is derived from Catalunya Square and ends at the Columbus Monument. This can be said to be the perfect place in Barcelona for you to enjoy the fresh air as well as experience the lives of the indigenous people.

New Zealand island nation – Tourist interesting paradise

New Zealand is not only favored by nature with natural wild beauty. It also owns unique architecture with unique culture and is one of the most attractive tourist destinations nowadays. Traveling to New Zealand, you will discover many interesting things about this beautiful country.

New Zealand bears the imprint of Maori culture. According to world history, this country was one of the last continents that humans came to settle. Around the 13th century, the Polynesians crossed the sea to this land and created the typical Maori culture of the Aboriginal Australians.


The Maori aboriginals play an important role in the formation and development of New Zealand culture. Therefore, Maori culture is one of the conservation priorities of this government, which is particularly attractive to tourists around the world.

To make your New Zealand tour even more interesting, visitors can visit Wellington which is Oceania’s most populous capital and located in the South of North Island and the capital closest to Antarctica.

Here, you can visit Te Papa National Museum to learn more about the cultural history of this country. Did you know, with a population density of more than 4 million people. But it was voted as the city with the best quality of life in the world.

Coming to New Zealand, visitors can also admire the charming colorful New Zealand scenery. Typically, the MacKinnon Pass has an altitude of 1,069m at Mailford Track. Visitors will have to cross slopes with nine zigzag curves and from the top of the pass you can collect panoramic pictures of the Clinton valley.

It is covered with deep red vegetation that creates a stunning landscape picture and a fascinating view of Milford Sound Bay in the distance. Would you like to see up close the rare animals that are also a wonderful sight in New Zealand?


Kaikoura is a town located between the Suaward Kaikoura Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. This land is surrounded by snow-capped peaks when winter comes and is quite famous.

Besides the natural wonders and landscapes, do not forget to visit the unique architectures only in the island nation of New Zealand. Auckland Ferry Terminal, white houses on the slopes or beautiful villages used to be the scene in movies like the Hobbit village in Matamata.

Singapore weather and which season is the best

Located near the equator, the tropical monsoon climate in Singapore is very adaptable. From 11 to January is hot and humid period. From February to October drier.

The rainy period is November to March next year due to the influence of the northeast monsoon. The ideal weather attracts a large number of tourists from November to early January of the next year.

Những lý do bạn nên đi du lịch Singapore

January early in the year due to humid weather due to the influence of the northeast monsoon, and sometimes dry. This is the best time for you to bombard the outdoors and admire the unique buildings.

That’s due to the temperate temperatures and little rain. Therefore, travel expenses such as hotels and air tickets are not cheap. This is the ideal time to watch the light show at Gardens By The Bay, the water show in Marina Bay.

At noon in the afternoon, you can drop by shopping in the busy commercial centers and in the afternoon. So you can admire the beauty of the high-rise buildings at night. You need to plan specifically during the day and evening when visiting and playing outdoors to avoid the sudden rain.

You will feel the chilly atmosphere in the early morning and the temperature will still rise during the day. On hot days, it’s best to take shelter inside cafes, shops and malls to avoid heat.

Du lịch Singapore và những điều cần lưu ý

December marks the official beginning of the northeast monsoon season. The weather this month is the best in Singapore. Although only a few degrees lower than the hottest month of the year.

This month has the highest rainfall, maximum humidity and lowest amount of sunlight. This is also the peak tourist season when people come here to relax and shop. You enjoy the warm weather to end a year of hard work and get ready for the new year.

Interesting Swedish tourist destinations you should visit once

Sweden has many beautiful natural landscapes and massive constructions with great historical significance. One of the most famous buildings in Sweden is Drottningholm Palace built on the island of Stockholm in the 16th century. This is the residence of the Royal Swedish family.

The architecture of Drottningholm palace is classic, very unique, and Western. Entering inside the palace is the scene of the palace decorated with splendid, lavish items.

Standing in front of the palace you will see a baroque garden, surrounded by yellow lemon trees. In the middle of the yard is a mag fountain named Hercules by the famous Dutch sculptor Adriaen de Vries. It was created in 1600.

Located in Kalmar in the east of Sweden, Kalmar castle was built in the early 12th century and has a life span of over 800 years. Not only that, Kalmar is also the pride and pride of the people of Sweden. Kalmarr Castle has 3 sides adjacent to the Baltic Sea, with a wooden bridge.

The castle has 4 main towers and a small main gate. Coming to Kalmar castle you will learn about the long history and culture of Sweden.

Abisko National Park is a national park in the province of Lapland, Kiruna – the largest city in Northern Sweden. This place was created to save, preserve and preserve nature. Abisko National Park la nurture and conserve many birds.

Coming to Abisko National Park, you can go skiing, rock climbing, or hiking and organize a reindeer tour of Northern Sweden. All will bring you the experience.

Located in the heart of the city of Lund, Lund Cathedral is a vast church. It was built many years ago and is also a unique architecture in Sweden. This is also the symbol of the ancient city of Lund, thousands of years old.

Coming here, you will feel like you are lost in a world full of mysteries and wonders of architectural works carrying the ancient.

Discover Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines

The journey to discover Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines will take visitors from this surprise guests in the city of friendship. From adventure games, beautiful caves to unique dishes and fascinating festivals. Cagayan de Oro will be a great stop for travelers.

Cagayan de Oro is a city located on the northern coast of Mindanao Island. The city is the capital of Oriental Misamis province and is the center of Northern Mindanao Island. Cagayan de Oro is home to many universities. It is famous for the friendliness and hospitality of the people. So Cayan de Oro is also known as the city of friendship.

Chèo thuyền trên sông Cagayan de Oro

This is really a place that tourists should visit in Philippines tours. In addition, visitors can hear about CDO and CDOC which is the abbreviation of Cayan de Oro city.

In this beautiful city, the first destination for tourists is the Cagayan de Oro River, famous for its fast flowing water and many rapids. Guests will experience the sport of boating over the falls. This will be a very unforgettable impression for visitors.

The next site is the Macahambus Gorge and the cave complex. This is a historic site marking the first victory of the Filipinos with the Americans. And visitors do not miss the very attractive death-swing here.

Thành phố Cagayan de Oro

Coming to De Oro Museum, visitors will learn about the history of the development of this land with the culture of indigenous people. You can visit the Eco Village of Gardens of Malasag to witness the festivals of ethnic minorities. Jatico Adventures Park with exciting games like adventure rope swing.

In Cagayan de Oro, tourists must try two typical dishes of the people here. The first is Remember Me, a dish made entirely from horse’s testicles and organs. The second is the pastel, which is a soft bread filled with sweet cream with a lot of different flavors.

Travel and sport in Sweden

Sweden has good reputation for seasonal and appealing sports and advanture combining all over the world. The later spring and summer arriving in the north and Swedish Lapland in comparison with central and southern Sweden make the activities more distinct and attractive.

Summer choices

Some suggestions for Swedish adventurous sports are canoeing, kayaking in Stockholm, riding bicycles from the Kattegattleden along West Sweden or hiking in Swedish Lapland. Everyone can join the outdoor activities in the country.

You could find nowhere in Europe as natural and remote for canoeing and kayaking as Swedish Lapland is. The midnight sunlight every day in summertime at the Arctic Circle gives you double time to enjoy this marvelous place.

You will find in Swedish Lapland a true wild experience with rivers cutting through ravines, across giant Arctic plains and marshes. The Kalix and the Torne rivers are the well-known name rivers here, even hundreds more for you to choose from.

Bike rentals are available mostly everywhere in Sweden. Both private bike rental companies and City Bike schemes could be found in big cities. Out in the countryside, a lot of bike rental companies provide the services, many of which will deliver bikes to your location and pick up the bike when you’re done. Many also offer service packages, which come in handy if you are in situations such as getting a flat tyre or in trouble.

Winter advantures

In Sweden you can enjoy skiing, ice-skating, dog-sledding, snowmobiling and other winter sports in wintertime.

Åre is Northern Europe´s biggest and brashest sports resort in central Sweden, offering virtually every skiing style and a huge range of other winter sports. It is generally known for the best downhill ski runs in Sweden or the Åre-Björnen part of the resort is excellent for newbies.

Åre offers awe-inspiring black pistes, highly challenging off-piste slopes and Skistar Snow Park Åre. It also has an abundance of easy skiing for children and beginners. You could find world-class slopes for snowboarding, telemark and carving in Åre and nearby Duved (10 km). Heli-skiing is also available.

In addition to skiing there´s a lot of of other activities, such as snowmobile safaris, dogsledding, ice fall climbing and much, much more.

Sweden is famous for its nightlife so you won´t find many places in Europe that party as regular as Åre during the season. Bars and live music venues, Tott Hotel, Fjällgården and Åregården are busy from 3 p.m. on and there is a mini-city-sized offering of luxury restaurants and eateries.

Snowmobile safari can be tailored and can include wilderness meals in Sami teepees, saunas, hot tubs, mountain lodges, campfires, ice fishing, even rally car, quad and cross bike on ice.

Some tours are designed for beginners but you should be in good physical condition and have have tried with snowmobile at least once before in order to enjoy the entire tour.